Shipping Personal Effects and Household Goods

Although we are not a removalist company we are one of the few Brisbane companies that deal with Personal Effects in regards to the unpacks and de-commissioning of the container.  If you have already managed to arrange a container for transportation of your goods then we should be able to arrange the rest.

If you require

There are three basic types of containers for household goods and personal effects (HHG & PE) – 20′ standard containers, 40′ standard containers, and 40′ high cube containers (a foot taller than the standard).   The most commonly used container for HHG & PE is the 40′ high cube ocean going container.   It has an approximate volume capacity of 2683 cubic feet (approx.   75 cubic meters).   Its internal dimensions are 39 ½ feet long, by 7 feet 8 inches wide, by 8 feet 9 inches high.   However, for practical purposes, shippers can usually utilize only up to 85 percent of this volume, depending on the configuration of the load and the nature of the cargo.   For household goods, a general rule of thumb is that shippers can utilize approximately 75 percent of the volume in a container (including one automobile), or up to 85 percent for shipments containing only household goods and personal effects.

Shipping Your Goods as LCL: If you don’t have enough goods of your own to ship your own 20′ or 40′ container, you can always ship your goods as LCL cargo with International Cargo.   We can pack and wrap your goods at your residence, and pick them up to bring to our export terminal, or you can pack and wrap and bring them to our export terminal yourself.