At Interport we take Safety very seriously and believe that all injuries are preventable. We monitor safety closely and have a strong commitment to a goal of ‘No Injuries’.

Our performance in this area is a product of on-going education and training with all our staff to ensure a safe and healthy work environment. It is our top priority to ensure the safety of our employees, our contractors and our visitors.

At an individual level, we expect every Interport employee to be responsible for acting safely without risk to them or others – working safely is a condition of all of our employment arrangements.

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Interport Cargo Services Pty Ltd is committed to achieving total customer satisfaction through innovation and constant improvement of its business processes.

Our company mission is to successfully deliver to customers high quality, cost effective products and services on time, every time.

To fulfil this mission, our policy is to maintain a practical but comprehensive Quality System based on its stated commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.


Interport Cargo Services Pty Ltd’s policy covers all our sites in Brisbane. Our commitment is to reduce our direct and indirect impacts on the environment.

We will strive for continuous improvement in environmental performance by reviewing our Environmental policy annually. Each year we will adapt our approach to best address any changes in our firm, within our client base and in the economy, to ensure our environmental response is part of our corporate strategy.

The environmental performance and adherence with this policy is the responsibility of the Corporate Responsibility Advisory Council made up of senior leaders within the firm and chaired by our Directors.